Innovation starts with insight and seeing challenges in a new way. We provide exponential innovation to shape potential disruptors to achieve strategic advantage.

With many organizations struggling to deal with the rapid change in business dynamics, we provide guidance to enable them shift from being reactive to be proactive.

As our Indian economy begins to enter a new growth cycle, we enable organizations secured growth by providing professional guidance to stay ahead of the curve.



We believe in closely working with entrepreneurs from an early stage, helping them test and validate their business models through grant funding. If you are yet to pilot your model, our seed support initiatives may be beneficial for you.


We, at Vidhaa, very well understand that as an NRI you have a different set of needs with respect to your real estate management and investment requirements and we also understand that it needs special set of services to cater to your requirements. The good news from India is that government has allowed 100% repatriation for NRIs.

We offer the following customized services:

We do Property Management

If you buy a property through us, We will assist you in:

• Property management
• Management of the tenancy & agreement
• Remission of the rent etc.
Market Assistance

Sale/Purchase/Lease of Property
Due Diligence
Valuation and Land Appraisal
Legal Services
Services of architect